Chile Addict’s Revenge Hot Sauce 4oz

WARNING: Use one drop at a time. It has an attitude.. and a bone to pick!

The Chile Addict is fed up! He’s had enough! He’s searched the entire country for a XXX hot sauce that tastes good, and found nothing. And what’s worse, New Mexico, the state that is supposed to be the chile capitol of the world, doesn’t even produce a XXX hot sauce.

So chile lovers rejoice! Chile Addict’s Revenge is sweet revenge and long awaited. It has the smoky flavor of Chipotle (mesquite smoked Jalapeno) and New Mexico red chile. Habanero and red Jalapeno round out the list of peppers. We then made it HOTTER than the Habanero by adding pure capsaicin extract. Packed in a beautiful, cobalt blue bottle that you’ll want to keep after the sauce is gone.



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